Zetataurus Press

Tom runs a small press called Zetataurus Press that publishes poetry chapbooks. Here are some of the titles:

  • Greasefire Lore, by Malcolm Barrett
  • To Connect in This Dark World, by Maryam Barrie
  • Perception, by Emily S. Deshotel
  • Dance of the Goddess, by Emma Gabriel
  • Teach Them to Your Children, by Matthew Hunter
  • Horizons, by Adam Lowis
  • Zero One: Poems for Humans, by Simon Mermelstein
  • Transparent Man: Poems & Pictures 2011-2015, by Scott Schuer
  • The Adult Table, by Tyler Wettig
  • Men in Togas Looking at Fruit, by Tyler Wettig 

Contact Tom at tzman2012@gmail.com for more information.


2 thoughts on “Zetataurus Press

  1. Hi, Thomas– I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your poem, Vanilla Eulogy. It truly brought tears to my eyes. My dad passed at only 60, many years ago. My amazing, beautiful mama is 92, looks no more than 75, and is in great helath, still cooking, cleaning, and enjoying crocheting, word puzzles, and coloring, and adoring her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I know I’ve been blessed. The thought of losing her haunts me during the night when I awake and can’t fall asleep. I once told her I couldn’t bear losing her and I wanted to “go” before she did. She was defiant. Having lost my father when she was 58 and my sister two years later (who was only 39 at the time), she said she could not bear losing another child. So, I live knowing one day I will be without her. As a writer and poet, I have no idea how my muse will direct me once she passes, but I doubt I will be able to articulate my thoughts as well as you have. Thank you for a great read. Best always, Rosaria

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